About Rina

We came from a poor family of ten. Mom was a rubber tapper and Dad was a mechanic in Lambak Estate that was managed by the British. Childhood was tough, but it was simple and there were happy times, too.

Nowadays, I reflect on how tough times can mold us into strong, optimistic, spiritual adults. During my years of school, I worked very hard. Everyone was so kind and friendly. It was a sociable time for me, too, with the students, teachers, and headmistress. I fondly look back on my youth. I was given a chance to present myself at my very best during these times, whether in school or making sure the chores were done afterwards.

Eventually, with my family’s support, I crossed the threshold into the corporate world and traveled all over the world. By then I realized that whatever I aimed for I would surely attain.

Looking back, I attribute my zest for life as a Malaysian (and now as an American) from living in a diverse society. My parents, family members, who I have developed relationships with are from every kind of imaginable ethnic and religious background.