Deenabandhu, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka

Deenabandhu, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka

Lucky Number 9 was honored to be a guest of YGB (Yoga Gives Back) led by Kayoko Mitsumatsu to share my reading at Deenabandhu, Chamarajanagara with Jayadev, Prajna, Karin, teachers, guests and high school children. The two paragraphs below are a summary of what I am thankful to have been able to read and share: “I will be the first to admit that my journey thus far has not always been easy. Sometimes, many times, I was discouraged. But these moments were my best ‘teachers’.” “Remember. It does not matter where you came from. If you look within, and if you have a burning desire to achieve, you will reach your goals. Believe that you have the capability to be whoever you want to be. Put all your efforts forth, and you will get there. . . be bold, be brave, commit to hard work, and love and respect yourself, your family and friends.” Present Moment, Only Moment -Rina #LuckyNumber9


I am so proud of YGB for working such inspiring great projects for the children with Deenabandhu with Jayadev & team.


LN9 with the high school children.


Jayadev explained in Karnataka to ensure the children understand some important points.


Book reading to the students.


Beautiful Prajna also explained of the important paragraphs of LN9 in Karnataka to the students too.


Honored & humbly presented LN9 to Jayadev & Prajna.

Deenabandhu provides a great, beautiful, safe place for all the children to learn, live in harmony with love.


LN9 with teachers & students.


Below the Science park at Deenabandhu – open to all children. . . “free” to learn & play.


LN9 with Deenabandhu’s team, teachers, YGB, Kayoko, Karin & friends.

LN9 with students Q&A.


We are honored Jayadev toured & explained how the kids can learn of how rockets travel & how energy works. It was amazing that we learned so much.

Lucky Number 9 Author Rina Tham Celebrated Golden Monkey

Lucky Number 9 Author Rina Tham Celebrated Golden Monkey

Raja S. Ridzuwan, Consulate-General of Malaysia LA & his spouse, Zalina Md. Daud

Lucky Number 9 author Rina Tham celebrated Golden Monkey Chinese New Year organized by the Malaysian Association of Southern California with sponsors, family, guest, and friends.


MASC Silver Sponsor, Mr. Pierre Veres of P.V. Tool, Inc and P.V. Machining ( Manufacturer of Aircraft Tools) and MASC Board Members


MASC’s Platinum sponsor, Mr. Alan Gauder from Singapore Airlines


MASC’s Platinum sponsor, Mr. Cham Leong Quek from YEO’s





Charity is born of sympathy. By sympathy, a quality of Omnipresence, a person may transfer his consciousness to that within suffering men; and experience, as his own, their griefs and limitations. It is then that the charitable desire to offer help springs forth.

Selfishness cramps the omnipresent should in a miserable prison of limiting material desires. You should desire salvation so that you may give to everyone else. You should desire to drink God’s nectar of bliss to that you may share it with all. That is true charity.

5 Steps to Living in the Present

5 Steps to Living in the Present

The idea of being mindful — being present, being more conscious of life as it happens — may seem contradictory to those who are used to sacrificing living for pursuing their goals, but cultivating mindfulness will help you achieve your goals and enjoy life more. In fact, you’re more productive when you’re mindful. But more importantly, being present is undoubtedly the only way to enjoy life to the fullest.

1. Do one thing at a time.

Single-task, don’t multi-task. When you’re pouring water, just pour water. When you’re eating, just eat. When you’re bathing, just bathe. Don’t try to knock off a few tasks while eating or bathing or driving. Zen proverb: “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”

2. Do it slowly and deliberately.

You can do one task at a time, but also rush that task. Instead, take your time, and move slowly. Make your actions deliberate, not rushed and random. It takes practice, but it helps you focus on the task.

3. Do less.

If you do less, you can do those things more slowly, more completely and with more concentration. If you fill your day with tasks, you will be rushing from one thing to the next without stopping to think about what you do. But you’re busy and you can’t possibly do less, right? You can. I’ve done it, and so have many busy people. It’s a matter of figuring out what’s important, and letting go of what’s not.

4. Put space between things.

Related to the “Do less” rule, but it’s a way of managing your schedule so that you always have time to complete each task. Don’t schedule things close together — instead, leave room between things on your schedule. That gives you a more relaxed schedule and leaves space in case one task takes longer than you planned.

5. Spend at least 5 minutes each day doing nothing.

Just sit in silence. Become aware of your thoughts. Focus on your breathing. Notice the world around you. Become comfortable with the silence and stillness. It’ll do you a world of good — and just takes 5 minutes!

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