Deenabandhu, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka

Deenabandhu, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka

Lucky Number 9 was honored to be a guest of YGB (Yoga Gives Back) led by Kayoko Mitsumatsu to share my reading at Deenabandhu, Chamarajanagara with Jayadev, Prajna, Karin, teachers, guests and high school children. The two paragraphs below are a summary of what I am thankful to have been able to read and share: “I will be the first to admit that my journey thus far has not always been easy. Sometimes, many times, I was discouraged. But these moments were my best ‘teachers’.” “Remember. It does not matter where you came from. If you look within, and if you have a burning desire to achieve, you will reach your goals. Believe that you have the capability to be whoever you want to be. Put all your efforts forth, and you will get there. . . be bold, be brave, commit to hard work, and love and respect yourself, your family and friends.” Present Moment, Only Moment -Rina #LuckyNumber9


I am so proud of YGB for working such inspiring great projects for the children with Deenabandhu with Jayadev & team.


LN9 with the high school children.


Jayadev explained in Karnataka to ensure the children understand some important points.


Book reading to the students.


Beautiful Prajna also explained of the important paragraphs of LN9 in Karnataka to the students too.


Honored & humbly presented LN9 to Jayadev & Prajna.

Deenabandhu provides a great, beautiful, safe place for all the children to learn, live in harmony with love.


LN9 with teachers & students.


Below the Science park at Deenabandhu – open to all children. . . “free” to learn & play.


LN9 with Deenabandhu’s team, teachers, YGB, Kayoko, Karin & friends.

LN9 with students Q&A.


We are honored Jayadev toured & explained how the kids can learn of how rockets travel & how energy works. It was amazing that we learned so much.

Rina Tham Launch and Book Signing October 11th!

Rina Tham Launch and Book Signing October 11th!

Rina Tham’s Book Signing

Please support her book signing in Malibu on Sep 26, 2015 during the
Yoga Gives Back (YGB) ‘Thank You Mother India’ Global Fundraiser
event. Her intention is to promote her memoir to create awareness in our
Malaysian communities.

Her memoir is available now via
. The paperback is priced at $14.95, and the e-book is sold for $4.95.

Rina Tham‘s motivational memoir has inspired many youths in the world and she plans to donate 100% of her book sales to Yoga Gives Back (YGB)’s fund recipient youths in India on that night. In the near future, Rina will be traveling to India, Bhutan, and The Pacific Rim to promote her memoir.

Should anyone of you have a small and or big special projects for children are
welcome to contact Rina directly.

Ticket for the Yoga Gives Back (YGB)
‘Thank You Mother India’ Global Fundraiser event
$185.00 per person.  

Further information of the launch & tickets is available at

During the event, Mallika Chopra, author of
“Living with Intent” will be presented with Yoga Gives Back
(YGB)’s first-ever Namaste Award at the Yoga Gives Back (YGB) Malibu
Fundraiser for her contribution to various humanitarian causes as
well as her dedication to share meditation, yoga tradition, and self
awakening and how to make this planet a better place.

And her book launch will be on Oct 11th, 2015; Sunday from 15:00 – 17:00 hours: Open house at Froggy’s Fish Market, 1105 N Topanga,
CA 90290.

Stay tuned on her FACEBOOK for further detail soon.

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Yoga Gives Back to Honor Mallika Chopra with First-Ever “Namaste Award” September 26

Yoga Gives Back to Honor Mallika Chopra with First-Ever “Namaste Award” September 26

Recipient of the first Namaste Award, presented by Yoga Gives Back, Mallika Chopra, comments: “There is heartbreaking poverty in the world, whether in India, the United States or other nations. As humanity, we need to ask ourselves why we let children go hungry and suffer from preventable illnesses when we have the resources and knowledge to help our fellow beings.”

Mallika Chopra, author of the recently published Living with Intent, will receive the first-ever Yoga Gives Back Namaste Award at the foundation’s fourth-annual “Thank You Mother India” fundraiser. This public event (tickets are now available for purchase) takes place at a philanthropist’s private home in Malibu on September 26, 2015, from 6-9 p.m.

The “Thank You Mother India” fundraiser is a joyous evening where 200 members of the Southern California yoga community come together for an altruistic cause and express gratitude to “Mother India” for the gift of yoga. Following a welcome reception, there will be a seated three-course dinner featuring the Namaste Award ceremony, followed by a short YGB FILMS presentation, silent and live auction, raffle, and live performance by the Odissi dancers.

“The Namaste Award was established in 2015 to recognize special people who have gone beyond the practice and teaching of yoga to incorporate noble humanitarian service, which elevates humankind and helps make the world a better place,” says Kayoko Mitsumatsu, a documentary film producer and practicing yogi who founded the LA-based nonprofit Yoga Gives Back in 2007.
She adds, “While it’s common for many to perceive yoga as a mere physical exercise, through deeper study, we learn that the ultimate goal of yoga is to unite with the Divine Self—where meditation plays an important role in achieving this. ‘Namaste,’ which means “the divinity in me salutes divinity in you” in Sanskrit, symbolizes Yoga Gives Back’s mission, which is to help others, and is the inspiration for the award.”

Mitsumatsu founded Yoga Gives Back because she was deeply moved by the degree of poverty experienced by people in India. “While benefitting so much from regular yoga practice and teachings, it hit me hard that 75 per cent of India’s population still live on less than two US dollars a day,” she says. “It became very clear to me that if everyone worldwide who enjoys yoga donates the cost of one yoga class to help those less fortunate, we can effect real change in the birthplace of yoga.”

“I am thrilled to present our first Namaste Award to Mallika Chopra, who is passionate about the power of meditation,” says Mitsumatsu.

This local Malibu fundraiser serves as the launch for YGB’s annual five-month, global fundraising campaign. From September 2015 through January 2016, more than 150 Yoga Gives Back events will take place in over 15 countries, heightening awareness of the realities faced by the poor, especially women and children India.

“For the cost of one yoga class, you can change a life” is the organization’s mantra, which has grown 35% every year since 2009, and now funds nearly 700 mothers and children in Karnataka and West Bengal, India. Yoga Gives Back’s micro-loans and educational scholarships offer a minimum five-year commitment to each recipient.

The Title Sponsor for this year’s event is author Rina Tham, who has supported YGB’s Malibu Fundraiser since its inception. Rina, author of a book of inspiration for children worldwide, Lucky Number 9: Journey of a Rubber Tapper’s Daughter, will donate copies of the book to all children in YGB programs in India. The Gold Sponsor is also a repeat donor, Chalice Recording Studio.

The Thank You Mother India fundraiser takes place from 6-9 pm at the private home of philanthropist Dr. Amarjit Marwah at 29057 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Tickets are $125 each (New Membership Appreciation Rate), regular price $180.

Purchase tickets here!

Two Incredibly Inspiring Women Meet

Two Incredibly Inspiring Women Meet

Mallika Chopra, author of “Living With Intent” will be presented with YGB’s first-ever Namaste Award at the Yoga Gives Back Malibu Fundraiser for her contribution to various humanitarian causes as well as her dedication to share meditation, yoga tradition, to awake ourselves and to make this planet a better place.

Rina Tham, author of “Lucky Number 9” is the Title Sponsor of this event. Rina’s life journey as a rubber tapper’s daughter in the jungle of Malaysia will inspire many youths in the world and she plans to donate her books to YGB’s fund recipient youths in India.