3 Steps to Discovering Your Authentic Self

Listen: Listen to your “inner voice” or your “gut feeling” it will instantly give you the answers. You know when you feel right or wrong about a person, place or thing instantly and after that first moment you begin to be influenced by the outer which is not the authentic you. It is the you under the influence of the outer world perceptions and beliefs, not your own

Question: Question yourself always. Question why you are feeling what you are feeling, what influences that feeling, what prior experience am I letting influence me? Let all your feelings in good or bad, and surround them with questions until you really feel the true authenticity of your answer and one thing, one decision, one direction will stand out, go with it!

Listen to Your Dreams: You have dreams, aspirations, goals and you inherently know which direction you want to go in. You know who you want to be, where you want to be and who you want it to be with. You have created these thoughts, these dreams and you are the one to unleash them and make them reality. So stay with your Dream Plan because your Dream Plan is your inner self or intuition speaking to you and making an authentic plan for your life

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