Deenabandhu, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka

Deenabandhu, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka

Lucky Number 9 was honored to be a guest of YGB (Yoga Gives Back) led by Kayoko Mitsumatsu to share my reading at Deenabandhu, Chamarajanagara with Jayadev, Prajna, Karin, teachers, guests and high school children. The two paragraphs below are a summary of what I am thankful to have been able to read and share: “I will be the first to admit that my journey thus far has not always been easy. Sometimes, many times, I was discouraged. But these moments were my best ‘teachers’.” “Remember. It does not matter where you came from. If you look within, and if you have a burning desire to achieve, you will reach your goals. Believe that you have the capability to be whoever you want to be. Put all your efforts forth, and you will get there. . . be bold, be brave, commit to hard work, and love and respect yourself, your family and friends.” Present Moment, Only Moment -Rina #LuckyNumber9


I am so proud of YGB for working such inspiring great projects for the children with Deenabandhu with Jayadev & team.


LN9 with the high school children.


Jayadev explained in Karnataka to ensure the children understand some important points.


Book reading to the students.


Beautiful Prajna also explained of the important paragraphs of LN9 in Karnataka to the students too.


Honored & humbly presented LN9 to Jayadev & Prajna.

Deenabandhu provides a great, beautiful, safe place for all the children to learn, live in harmony with love.


LN9 with teachers & students.


Below the Science park at Deenabandhu – open to all children. . . “free” to learn & play.


LN9 with Deenabandhu’s team, teachers, YGB, Kayoko, Karin & friends.

LN9 with students Q&A.


We are honored Jayadev toured & explained how the kids can learn of how rockets travel & how energy works. It was amazing that we learned so much.

Phillips Graduate Institute Welcomes Rina Tham and Lucky Number 9

I was honored to be invited to join Ms. Mazdyasni Fereshteh of Philips Graduate Institute, her interns, Supervisors, Director and team members who provide psychotherapy services to elementary school children.


It was such a magical and emotionally bonding encounter with these troubled kids. I was a privileged to share my memoir Lucky Number 9 with them. It was a special moment with the children of Philips Institute that I will always treasure. Thank you so much to Ms. Fereshteh, Denise, Doreen, Gisso, Keren, Marcy, Michelle, Natalie, Twyla, Brian, Estelle, Hooly, Pam, Samantha, Vita, Tim, Ali, Shelley, Clare, Shelly, Yolanda & others for their beautiful minds and invaluable work with these children and the community.


Fereshteh-Mazdyasni-M.A.-300x300Ms. Mazdyasni Fereshteh, M.A. major area of focus at Phillips is the management and administration of the School Based Child Therapy Program. She also teaches and advocates for working with children, promoting and training students to run social skills and violence prevention groups.

Philips Graduate Institute is a nonprofit educational, counseling, training and research center, With over forty years of excellence in graduate education and training, Phillips has grown from a small, single-degree granting institution to a leader in the field, offering multiple degrees at both the master’s and doctoral levels.

Today, Phillips Graduate Institute remains at the forefront of confronting complex interpersonal business and social issues, exploring new avenues for change, and ultimately creating academic programs that are shaped by the communities it serves.

The Phillips Mission

“Our mission is to provide outstanding education and training to students as well as counseling and consulting services to the community.

We inspire personal transformation and professional excellence in an experiential, collaborative, and innovative learning environment.”

Sanmu Middle School in Fuzhou, China Receive Copies of Lucky Number 9

Thank you so much to Mrs. Minfeng Chen who visited the welcoming atmosphere of the Sanmu Middle School in November. Her visit to the school brought back memories of her own carefree youth. Along with the principal, the school’s English teacher and librarian Mrs. Chen distributed copies of Lucky Number 9 to the excited students.


Sanmu Middle School is a prestigious and highly ranked private junior high school in Fuzhou. (http: // Sanmu High school’s English teacher Ms. Fuxue E (Fuxuee) read Lucky Number 9 and very much appreciated it’s positive energy and fighting spirit. Ms. Fuxue recommended that her extracurricular students read it.

Members of the Snamu School eagerly look forward to Rina Tham’s visit to Fuzhou in the near future.