Sanmu Middle School in Fuzhou, China Receive Copies of Lucky Number 9

Thank you so much to Mrs. Minfeng Chen who visited the welcoming atmosphere of the Sanmu Middle School in November. Her visit to the school brought back memories of her own carefree youth. Along with the principal, the school’s English teacher and librarian Mrs. Chen distributed copies of Lucky Number 9 to the excited students.


Sanmu Middle School is a prestigious and highly ranked private junior high school in Fuzhou. (http: // Sanmu High school’s English teacher Ms. Fuxue E (Fuxuee) read Lucky Number 9 and very much appreciated it’s positive energy and fighting spirit. Ms. Fuxue recommended that her extracurricular students read it.

Members of the Snamu School eagerly look forward to Rina Tham’s visit to Fuzhou in the near future.

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