Lucky Number 9 Book Sales and Silent Auction Proceeds Benefit Asean Ladies Circle of Los Angeles!

Malou C. Mariano with Maya Bristow and Alexandrina Tham at Sheraton Universal Hotel.


“Lucky Number 9” is the compelling story of Rina Tham’s impoverished childhood in the jungle of Malaysia.


Rina’s philosophy is that if you live with your heart open, fear becomes an adventure. “In many ways, I had less than most, living on the rubber plantation, saving pennies for food, fighting for floor space by the window, never seeing Father, tapping trees at dawn with Mother. Then there was my arm, it brought panic….” Read how Rina overcame poverty, debilitating health issues, many other dramatic challenges and how her ultimate triumph over such adversity has resulted in a deep desire to give back to the world.


“My intention and goal today is to put this book in the hands of a girl, boy, woman, man, anywhere and especially in the isolated communities deep in the jungles of our God-given world. That would be a start,” Tham said. “This is my gift to share because I care for and love you all. It is my passion to give back.”


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