Lucky Number 9 Visits Stanley, Falkland Islands

Stanley is the capital of the Falkland Islands. It is located on the island of East Falkland, on a north-facing slope in one of the wettest parts of the islands. Stanley lies at the center East Falkland’s road network, and is the main shopping Center on the islands.

Attractions include the Falkland Islands History Dockyard Museum, built in 1845 and home to the current governor of Falklands islands Colin Robert.


The Falkland Islands were used as a base for whaling ships hunting the southern right whale and sperm whale from the 1770s until British authority was established over the islands and surrounding seas. The whale oil business died out in the 1860s with the discovery of fossil fuels.


There’s an enormous population of penguins from five different species—the Southern Rockhoppers, the Magellanic, the King, the Gentoo, and the Macaroni. Their names derive from, respectively, the ability to hop on rocks, a celebrated circumnavigator, a British ruler, a religious slur, and a slang reference to flashy dressers. With these five species combined, the Falklands are home to a penguin army more than 1 million strong.


Additional attractions include the community school, library, hotels, restaurants, the Anglican Christ Church Cathedral the southernmost Cathedral in the world and is known for its whalebone arch, a totem pole, several war memorials and shipwrecks in its harbor.


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