Rina Tham Visits South Georgia Heritage Trust

Honored to share Lucky Number 9 with Ms. Sarah Lurcock, South Georgia Heritage Trust Director and team Danella, Sharin and others.

Along with the surrounding area, the station has declared an Area of Special Tourist Interest.

Grytviken is a popular stop for cruise ships visiting Antarctica, and tourist usually land to visit Shackleton’s grave. The South Georgia Museum is housed in the manager’s house of the former whaling station, and is open during the summer tourist season.


Sharon and team work very hard to support endangered and threatened wildlife.

SGHT seeks to enable projects that contribute to the conservation and protection of the island’s natural habitat. The groundbreaking SGHT Habitat Restoration Project will see the eradication of invasive rodents from South Georgia. Restoring the island’s habitat used by its threatened bird species for breeding will help to save South Georgia’s native birds from extinction and increase by millions the numbers of endangered seabirds that live there. Importantly, the Project will help to increase international awareness of South Georgia and its threatened species.


Preserving the rich historical heritage of South Georgia is a priority for SGHT, ensuring that artefacts from the island’s sealing and whaling industries are conserved to illustrate the lessons to be learned from this period of history.


For further information visit www.fosgi.org or www.sght.org

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